Poker Hand Nicknames

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The first column is the two hole cards (e.g. AA being two aces) the second the most common nickname(s).

AAPocket Rockets, Bullets, American Airlines, Snake Eyes
KK Cowboys, King Kong
QQ Ladies
JJ Fish Hooks
10-10 Dimes
99 Phil Hellmuth
88 Snowmen, Two Fat Ladies
77 Sunset Strip, Hockey Sticks
66 Route 66, Kicks
55 Speed limit, Presto
44 Magnum, Sail boat
33 Crabs
22 Ducks
AK Big Slick
AQ Big Chick, Little Slick
AJ Black Jack, Jack-ass
A8 Dead man’s hand (Wild Bill Hickok was shot in 1876 holding this hand)
A3 Baskin Robbins (as in 31 flavours).
KQ Royalty, Marriage
KJ Kojak, Harry Potter
K9 Canine, Fido
QJ Maverick
Q7 Computer Hand (apparently this is the average winning hand in hold'em )
JA Jackass, Ajax
J5 Jackson Five, Motown
J4 Flat tyre (as in: what's a jack for?)
10-5 Woolworth's (because it was used to be a chain of 5- and 10-cent stores), Five & Dime
10-4 Over And Out, Roger That, Convoy, Good Buddy
10-2 Doyle Brunson (because he won the WSOP with this hand twice)
9-8 Oldsmobile
9-5 Dolly Parton
7-8 RPM
7-6 Union Oil
4-5 Jesse James, Colt 45

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